Cricket Finland recruiting Event Team for upcoming sub-regional qualifying tournaments for the 2022 ICC T20 World Cup

Published February 7th, 2021

As first advised in December 2020, this summer Finland will be hosting TWO, sub-regional qualifying tournaments for the 2022 ICC T20 World Cup. The first tournament will be held from 28th June to 5th July 2021, and the second tournament from 6th to 14th July. All matches will be played at the Kerava National Cricket Ground and Tikkurila Cricket Ground. ICC has also confirmed that all matches will be streamed live!

Along with Finland in the first tournament will be Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Luxembourg, and Greece.

The second tournament will see teams from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Malta, Norway, France, Israel, and Cyprus.

To maximise the benefit for the future of all cricket in Finland, we are looking to turn this memorable event into an opportunity for the Finnish cricket community to pull together and show the world that Finland is a great host. To do this we will be creating an event team, based on both ICC requirements as well as Cricket Finland’s previous experiences of running events. For the key roles we have secured funding to enable payment of a contracted salary, while many of the other volunteer roles will receive daily allowances and travel expenses.

For EACH tournament, the following positions have been identified: 

1 x Tournament Director (will work with the ICC Event Technical Committee) – contracted

2 x Venue Manager (1 per ground) – contracted

2 x Match Manager (1 per ground) – contracted

4 x Book Scorer (2 per ground) – contracted

2 x Online Scorer – contracted

2 x Team Liaison Officer (local contact person for the teams, 1 per ground) – daily allowance/travel

Estimated 8-12 various volunteer roles (tasks to be confirmed) – mainly daily allowance/travel

We have prepared job descriptions for each of the Director and Manager positions, which can be accessed by following the appropriate link above.

If you are interested in any of the named positions, you will need to be available, as a minimum, full-time for the duration of one full tournament. You may also apply for both tournaments if you wish. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to hold one of the named positions for only part of a tournament, however that will be possible for some of the volunteer roles, so if you wish to help for only one day, or even part of a day, we are still keen to hear from you.

If you are interested to apply for any of the named positions, or just as a volunteer, please click on this LINK and tell us of your interest to be involved. Please include which role and which tournament (or both) you wish to be a part of. If applying for one of the named positions, please include a CV detailing your experience. Suitable candidates for the Director and Manager positions will be interviewed, and we require your applications by latest Monday 15th February. If you are applying for one of the other roles then it will be of great benefit that you also tell us of your interest by the same date, but in any case, by latest 28th February.

All at Cricket Finland are looking forward to hearing from you and to making this a memorable 2021 together!