ICC 2024 Men’s T20 World Cup Europe Sub-Regional Qualifier A/B

Men's Cricket - Sub-Regional World Cup Qualifiers

The largest cricket event to ever be hosted on Finnish soil.


One of the biggest moments in the history of Finnish cricket is just around the corner! Kerava and Vantaa are set to host the ICC’s 2024 Men’s T20 World Cup: Europe Sub-Regional Qualifiers in July of 2022. Two of the three qualifier tournaments will take place here in Finland, while the third qualifier tournament will take place in Belgium. These two qualifier tournaments will be single largest cricket event to be organized and hosted on Finnish soil.



General Information

Venue Locations

Tournaments will take place in both Kerava and Vantaa at Kerava National Cricket Ground and Tikkurila Cricket Ground respectively.

Kerava National Cricket Ground: Kettulankuja 8, 04250 Kerava

Tikkurila Cricket Ground: Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie 56, 01300 Vantaa


Tournament Dates

Matches for Sub-Regional Qualifier A will begin on Tuesday, July 12th and conclude on Tuesday, July 19th.

Matches for Sub-Regional Qualifier B will begin on Sunday, July 24th and conclude on Sunday, July 31st.

Participating Countries

Sub-Regional Qualifier A:

Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Isle of Man, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey


Sub-Regional Qualifier B:

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech, Estonia, France, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland


Ticket Sales

Ticket sales for Finland games and Finals are now open: https://www.lippu.fi/en/artist/suomen-krikettiliitto/

Free entrance for other games. 

Media Accreditation

Representatives from media are warmly welcome to the events. Accreditation has now started.

Accreditation and further information: https://cricketfinland.com/media-accreditation


You can watch all matches live here: https://welcome.icc.tv/

Results and standings