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Finnish Bears National Squad Selections for the upcoming European Cricket Championship (ECC 2022)

The Finnish Bears National Squad for the upcoming European Cricket Championship (ECC 2022) to be...

Iconic trophy of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 visits Kerava on 19 July, 2022 

PRESS RELEASE 18.7.2022 Aaron Finch of Australia poses during the T20 World Cup Trophy Tour...

About Us

The Finnish Cricket Association, or Cricket Finland, is the National Governing Body of the sport of cricket in Finland. Through us you can obtain information on the sport and on clubs in Finland. Join us as either a player, a volunteer, or even as a club organizer.

Competitions & Rules

Here you can find information about playing rules, umpiring, scoring, licensing & insurances and all about Finnish cricket leagues.


Here you will find Cricket Finland’s match scorecards, league tables, player statistics and how to use CricHQ.

Finnish Cricket Clubs

There are over 30 registered cricket clubs in Finland, located in many cities across the country, from Helsinki to Oulu. Take contact with your nearest club if you are interested to try the sport.

Finnish National Team, Bears

Our Men’s National Team represents Finland in international competitions. Learn more about The Bears here.

Events & Facilities

The Kerava National Cricket Ground (KNCG) and Tikkurila Cricket Ground (TCG) are international standard cricket grounds and are ICC approved for hosting international T20 qualifier events. The Eerikkilä Sport Resort offers top level cricket training facilities all year round. Check official match and training facilities here.

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