Umpiring Culture and Pathway

The two on-field umpires are important participants of all matches in the various competitions run by Cricket Finland. Knowledge of the Laws of Cricket and the substantial modifications to them in the domestic Playing Conditions make umpires encyclopaedic masters of the match events.

The umpiring pathway does not end with domestic cricket. Bi- and multilateral T20I series in Finland and abroad are stepping stones for competent and committed umpires to gain international experience, and the diversification of the international umpiring pool is an objective of our international advocacy work.

Through our lasting commitment to umpire development and the hard individual work of two Finnish umpires spanning over half a decade, Srinidhi Ravindra and Sriharsha Kuchimanchi were invited to officiate matches in the Sub-regional Qualifiers of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup we hosted in 2022.

Umpiring culture


  • Pride — in everything you do
  • Do not raise a problem without offering solutions
  • Put your calculations and concerns first in Ground, Weather, and Light conditions 


  • Own up to your mistakes
  • Self-assess
  • Accept responsibility for your actions
  • Be on time


  • Being available to enjoy the company of your colleague
  • Celebrate success of good performance
  • Project a positive attitude
  • Encourage your colleague’s performance by highlighting their positive contribution


  • Positively promoting umpiring
  • Wear clean presentable clothing
  • Look like a team


  • Listening to others point of view
  • Learning local language and understanding their customs
  • Embrace other cultures


  • Honour pre match agreements during match — colleague judgement from square leg
  • Display faith in your colleague’s judgment 
  • Respect others’ belongings in the umpires’ room


  • Know the Anti-Corruption Code and follow it
  • Admitting to an umpiring error/failure
  • Be truthful at all times
  • Keep calm under pressure
  • Demonstrate principled behaviour — say the same things face to face as you do when you they are not there


Umpires are organised in panels that are used as resource pools for assigning officials to competitions organised by Cricket Finland. In addition to the panels, all league-playing member clubs are assigned a number of matches to officiate in the course of the season and the club is responsible for providing two umpires with knowledge of the applicable Playing Conditions and other rules.

Emerging umpires have indicated that they want to dedicate more time to umpiring and are interested in developing their abilities through education and by officiating with experienced umpires.

Umpires in the Advanced Panel have acquired formal training by attending basic umpiring courses and their performance has been observed by experienced umpires in on-field (umpiring together) or boundary (experienced umpire observes) assessments.

Elite Panel umpires have gained substantial experience in domestic matches and have already officiated international matches. Umpires in the Elite Panel are required to contribute to the overall development of the federation by acting as tutors or mentors to Emerging umpires or by participation in the emerging forms of the game.

Panel criteria

Emerging Umpires

  • All are welcome. Most passionate ones are given preference in match assignments, but we acknowledge there are times when someone just wants to fill up somebody’s shoes.
  • Already a good match with umpiring culture. Not a litmus test, but a careful look at candidates with understanding that there’s a learning curve. 
  • Demonstrates integrity when officiating, secures the trust and respect of players naturally over a period of time.
  • Umpires showing organic interest will be absorbed to the next level. Ideally one full active season of officiating is required for protion to the next level.

Advanced Panel

  • All attributes of the umpiring culture have been understood and followed.
  • Demonstrates active participation in all umpiring activities.
  • Demonstrates integrity when officiating, secures the trust and respect of players naturally over a period of time
  • Develops a positive and inclusive attitude towards all participants
  • Avoids being over officious because the umpire knows players should be allowed to enjoy the game and develop a healthy respect for officials
  • Must have completed Stage 1-2 Umpiring course.
  • Must officiate 20+ matches in a season with consistent quality across all formats.
  • Advanced Panel umpires are promoted to the elite panel after 2 seasons pending performance review

Elite Panel

  • Embodies the Cricket Finland umpiring culture
  • Is not affiliated with an FPL club and preferably is not affiliated with a league-playing club
  • Has completed Stage 1 & 2 umpiring courses either from CF or other entity recognised by CF
  • Has stood as an umpire in an international match in the last 2-3 years.
  • Has demonstrated tutoring skills
  • Understands the wider implications of umpiring development to Cricket Finland and participates in developing conditions for growth in the federation
  • Promotes and participates in emerging forms of the game, like women’s and juniors’ activities
  • Officiates actively 30+ matches in a season across all formats.

Panel members 2024

Emerging Umpires

  • Gazi Ishtiak Jahan
  • Deepak More
  • Dhruvansingh Parmar
  • Manoj Pathak
  • Waqas Raja
  • Stella Sheridan
  • Senthil Raja
  • Shresth Bhaskar

Advanced Panel

  • Tharindu Koralage
  • Subhadyuti Sahoo
  • Jari Schabel
  • Venkatraghavan Ramanuja Seeshadri
  • Manoj Thavayogarajah
  • Bhabishya Gurung
  • Parvez Gill
  • Suranga Perera

Elite Panel

  • Srinidhi Ravindra
  • Debasish Roy
  • Sumanta Samanta