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Umpiring & Other Expense Claims 2022

As in previous years, we kindly request all club umpires for the 2022 season to note that all summer league submissions must be sent by latest 31st October 2022, otherwise claims will NOT be handled.

Panel umpires standing in sufficient multiple matches have a separate process and claim form; if unsure about this, please consult with League Umpire Coordinator Sumanta.

​As this is an official tax form, so please make sure you complete it carefully and in particular, make sure you include inter-city travel tickets/receipts – without these receipts, inter-city public transport cannot be reimbursed. All incomplete, unsigned or incorrectly completed claims will not be amended or returned, just will not be paid!

So please, if you are uncertain about completion, then please contact Sumanta for assistance.   

For any other approved expense claims, then please submit your completed form as soon as possible after the event in question.

Please note that the amount of time used and level of daily allowance values given in the expense claim forms are formal Finnish tax authority values and not ones just made up by Cricket Finland (consult this tax page to confirm this).

Please print the expense claim form, sign it and then scan it along with any relevant tickets, then e-mail the lot to Sumanta Samanta. Club umpire single claim forms will be checked and if all in order, will be paid out during November latest.