Men’s National Team – Bears

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility requirements (for squad consideration)

– Minimum of 2 years continuous (minimum 10 months each year) residency in Finland or Finnish citizenship by birth or by passport. N.B. ICC eligibility minimum 3 years residence.

– Achieve minimum 1500 metres in the YOYO IETL1 bleep test.

– Able to contribute financially towards the national squad activities (player cost contribution varies each year depending on the volume of squad activities).

Ideally, players will be able to achieve the benchmark of attending around 80% of the Bears squad training sessions and matches, plus all the Official Training Weekends.


Team Trials

– The coaching team will arrange a date for team trials, at least once a year. This date will be notified to all clubs and be available to view on the FCA website, at least 6 weeks prior to the trial date. Additionally individual player invites may be sent at any time.

– General fitness, agility, stamina and cricketing skills will be assessed

– NT Head Coach/Manager will confirm acceptance into the National Team

– All new members will be required to sign a player agreement regarding commitment to the Finnish Bears values, maintenance and improvement of skills and fitness and professional conduct

– Bears 2022 player agreement HERE

If you think you have all it takes, then do get in touch – all contact details on our CF contacts page

With selection comes privileges

  • Pride and privilege of representing Finland
  • Subsidized training facilities and free coaching
  • Kerava National Cricket Ground access within an organized framework 
  • Subsidized strength and conditioning training
  • Subsidized professional ICC coaching
  • Subsidized training kit to be used during team training and events only
  • Access to sponsorship funding for team activity costs
  • Potential scholarships for some members who show extra-ordinary commitment and skills development.

With selection comes responsibilities

  • Signed understanding and commitment to responsibilities and privileges outlined in this document.
  • Maintain regular training attendance. Fitness test/training sessions are mandatory for all members of the squad. 
  • Maintain basic fitness level (1500 metres YOYO test, 3 minutes plank test) and actively work on injury prevention or rehabilitation 
  • Commit to a role as assigned by the team leadership group 
  • Commit to sponsorship and fundraising criteria activities including school visits, public relation events and junior coaching or mentoring.
  • Respect towards team-mates and the leadership group.
  • Treat official team kit and equipment with respect.

Men’s Squad Activities & Training Programme 2021 – 2022
Month Date Activity Location
November, 2021 4.11.2021 Indoor nets Eerikkilä
  18.11.2021 Indoor nets Eerikkilä
December, 2021 1.12.2021 Indoor nets Eerikkilä
  11.12 – 12.12.2021 Camp Eerikkilä
January, 2022 13.1.2022 Indoor nets Eerikkilä
  29.1 – 30.1.2022 Camp Eerikkilä
February, 2022       10.2.2022 Indoor nets Eerikkilä
  19.2 – 20.2.2022 Camp Eerikkilä
March, 2022 5.3 – 6.3.2022 Camp Eerikkilä
  17.3.2022 Indoor nets Eerikkilä
31.3.2022 Indoor nets Eerikkilä
April, 2022 7.4.2022 Indoor nets Eerikkilä
  23.4 – 24.4.2022 Camp Eerikkilä
May, 2022 6.5 – 8.5.2022 T20I Series Copenhagen
  17.5.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
24.5.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
26.5.2022 Elite T20-1 KNCG
31.5.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
June, 2022 5.6.2022 Elite T20-2+3 Tikkurila
  7.6.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
9.6.2022 Elite T20-4 Tikkurila (TBC)
14.6.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
19.6.2022 T20i Series w/ Estonia KNCG
21.6.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
24.6 – 26.6.2022 Midsummer
28.6.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
30.6.2022 Elite T20-7 KNCG
July, 2022 5.7.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
  7.7.2022 Elite T20-8 KNCG
11.7 – 19.7.2022   World Cup Qualifiers TCG / KNCG
August, 2022 2.8.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
  9.8.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
16.8.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
23.8.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
30.8.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
September, 2022 6.9.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
  13.9.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
20.9.2022 Outdoor nets Tikkurila
Sept-October, 2022 18.9 – 24.9.2022

Group B,


Cartama Oval, Spain
  9.10 – 15.10.2022 Championship Week, ECC T10 Cartama Oval, Spain

Captain and Vice-Captain 2022

Skipper since the 2017 season, Nathan Collins and his vice-captain Vanraaj Padhaal are looking forward to the biggest ever season of international representative cricket in 2022. The season will be action-packed with two T20I series in May & June with Sweden/Denmark and Estonia respectively, a domestic 6-match T20 Elite series for the extended Bears squad from the end of May to early July, the Ten10 European Cricket Championship at the Cartama Oval, Malaga Spain in September/October (dates TBC) and the jewel in the crown the ICC sub-regional T20 World Cup pathway tournament to be hosted in Finland starting July 11th at the Kerava National Cricket Ground and the Tikkurila Cricket Ground.

National Selection Committee 2022-

All Finnish Bears squad selections are made by Head Coach/Head Selector Matthew Jenkinson, Bears skipper Nathan Collins and Assistant Coach Gerard Brady.

Current Extended National Squad, as of March 2022

Full Squad Players

  • Nathan COLLINS (capt.)*
  • Vanraaj PADHAAL (vice-capt.)
  • Mohammad ASADUZZAMAN
  • Hariharan DANDAPANI​
  • Muhammad IMRAN
  • Md Belayet KHAN
  • Parveen KUMAR
  • Sapan MEHTA
  • Aravind Kumar MOHAN
  • Aniketh PUSTHAY
  • Muhammad Zia Ur REHMAN
  • Jonathan SCAMANS
  • Henry SEWELL
  • Naveed SHAHID
  • Amjad SHER
  • Mahesh TAMBE

Development Squad Players

  • Adnan AHMAD
  • Matias BRASIER
  • Muhammed Abul HASNAT
  • Jordan O’BRIEN
  • Areeb Abdul QUADIR
  • Atif RASHEED
  • Nabin SAPKOTA