Outdoor leagues

Cricket Finland runs competitions throughout the year, normally with short breaks between the summer and winter seasons. The bulk of competitions occur in the summer when they are held outdoors, however we also hold a National Indoor League competition during the winter months.

CF runs competitions in Twenty20, Ten10, and One-Day formats, as well as a Ten10 Softball League and a Hobby League. There are also events focused solely on women and juniors, however our leagues are currently not gender fixed, and teams can be either entirely male, entirely female, or of mixed gender. We recommend that juniors only start to play in adult hardball leagues once they have reached the age of 15, and only then providing their skill level is considered suitable.

The highest level competition in Finland is the Finnish Premier League (FPL), which is a Twenty20 competition featuring one team from each of the top clubs in Finland. The approximately three-hour long matches are played on grass grounds and are live streamed via our YouTube channel. The winner of the FPL obtains the opportunity to play in the European Cricket League the following year.

Below the FPL we have a Twenty20 National League, which has a multi-division structure and in which the remaining clubs are allowed one entry each. Matches are played on a mixture of grass and gravel grounds with live streaming where possible. Traditionally cricket is most often played on grass grounds and we are constantly striving to increase the number of grass grounds in Finland through continuous dialogue with local authorities.

The 2nd XI Twenty20 Championship is an exclusive high-level competition for clubs that have grown enough to have a multiple team structure. Matches are played on a mixture of grass and gravel grounds, and also live streamed when possible.

The top level of Ten10 competition is the Ten10 Elite League, which includes one team from each of the top clubs in Finland. Below this we have a Ten10 Hardball League and a Ten10 Softball League. These matches typically last about 90 minutes and are live streamed where possible. These competitions are open to all clubs and are recommended as the entry point for all new clubs.

In recent years longer format cricket has generally been in decline in most ICC Associate cricketing nations, and the same has occurred in Finland. However, we still hold a One-Day League where each match lasts about six hours. Entry to this competition is restricted to a maximum of eight (8) clubs who must all have an established second team that has already competed, and continues to compete, in the 2nd XI Twenty20 Championship.