Training & Education

Umpiring, ICC Coaching Development, and FINCIS Integrity Courses

Cricket Finland and partners have a wealth of online and offline courses available to you! Check out the sections below, register to the excellent umpiring courses, and start learning on the ICC and FINCIS online platforms!

Cricket Finland Umpiring Courses

All courses are taught by Finnish umpires with considerable experience from years of domestic umpiring complemented by officiating in T20Is and ICC tournaments. The tutors also develop the Finnish umpiring pathway and the way cricket matches are officiated in Finland.

Umpiring Level 1 – For everyone

Level 1 courses are for everyone interested in umpiring. You only need a general knowledge of cricket to attend.

Current club umpires are encouraged to attend Level 1 courses to gain additional confidence for the upcoming season.

The course will give you a solid understanding of the duties and functions of a Finnish cricket umpire. For umpires with some experience, the course will provide an update on the probable in Playing Conditions.


Umpiring Level 2 – Go deeper

The Level 2 course is open to everyone with a completed Level 1 / Stage 1 course or equivalent course from another National Cricket Federation.







Club Umpire Refresher

Refresher courses area planned each year during April – May. The contents will focus on the latest changes to Playing Conditions.

Completing the refresher course is compulsory for umpires who plan to officiate matches assigned to their club.







ICC Online Coaching & Development Courses

The advanced online education platform of the International Cricket Council will continue to grow. If you have not already registered and started learning, do so now!

The International Cricket Council has launched the first two online coaching courses that are also an excellent primer – or reminder – of the basics of cricket even if you have not planned to start coaching. You will also gain in-depth knowledge on how the basics of cricket are taught to various participants today.

All contents are available through an application on your smartphone, and you can access the bite-sized lessons during your daily commute — or binge through them on a lazy Saturday.

ICC Coaching Foundation Certificate

The Foundation course is a prerequisite for completing further ICC coaching education. The focus of the course is on the fundamentals of the game, safety and inclusion, participant-centred approach, planning sessions, and developing a coaching philosophy.

ICC Coaching Course Level 1

The Level 1 course focuses on the disciplines: batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket-keeping. Ample examples and coaching tips are provided on each.

Other courses

For those really into educating themselves, the ICC has made available courses on turf pitch curation and Criiiio cricket facilitation. You’ll find these courses in the app alongside the coaching content.

ICC Coaching Course Level 1 In-Person Assessment

Attend the assessment at Eerikkilä on the 27th – 28th of January 2024. The course at Eerikkilä will include your onsite overnight accommodation and three meals, dinner on Saturday along with breakfast and lunch on Sunday, all use of the facilities and the tutoring that you will receive and the tutoring that you will receive. The subsidised course participation cost for all this will be limited to only 60€ per person. Registration & payment for the course will take place via Suomisport (see the registration link below). The deadline for registration on  16.1.2024 at 13:00

For more information, please contact .

FINCIS Online - Anti-Doping & Anti-Match Fixing

The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports is our domestic partner in combating doping and match-fixing. Their multi-lingual course are available in English, Finnish, and Swedish, and teach the basics of anti-doping and anti-match fixing. Both courses should be completed by everyone planning to participate in organised cricket next summer.
Clean Win

What are prohibited substances? If a doctor has prescribed you a prohibited substance, do you have to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption before you purchase a license?

These and many more questions are answered during Clean Win, an interactive online course on anti-doping basics and control.

Fair Win

Competition manipulation is not an unknown topic for cricket. Cricket Finland works to maintain the integrity of the sport in Finland, and you can help by educating yourself on the many forms of manipulation you may face while participating in cricket as a player or an official.