Official’s license

Official's license 2023

All match officials and team support personnel are required to have a valid Official’s License in 2023. Licenses are purchased through Suomisport.

If you will officiate league matches in 2023 and already have a FPL License or a Hard Ball League License, you can add an Official’s License to your Suomisport profile without additional cost. The FCA will send relevant information by e-mail only to those who have acquired an Official’s License, so please make sure that you’ve got one if you are planning to officiate and are interested in courses or other development opportunities.

The license requirement applies to the following groups:

Team support personnel
All others who are objectively required to be in the area restricted to players and match officials

Match officials
Umpires (FCA– and club-appointed)
Scorers (FCA– and club-appointed)
Match Referees and similar (FCA–appointed)

Official's accident insurance 2023

Volunteer officials are covered by the FCA’s generic accident insurance policy. 

If you wish to purchase additional coverage, the Official’s insurance product in OP Sporttiturva provides you with broader coverage than the generic volunteers’ insurance. You can purchase the Official’s insurance when you purchase your Official’s license or at a later date in Suomisport.

The cost of the insurance is 20 euros.