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Disciplinary procedure


Constitution of the Finnish Cricket Association

Name, seat, and purpose of the association

1. The name of the association (henceforth also federation) is Suomen Krikettiliitto ry and its seat is the City of Helsinki.

2. The purpose of the association is to promote cricketing activities among Finns and people residing in Finland at all levels of the sport, and to act as a point of contact between current and future members of the association. Furthermore, the association promotes and supervises the development of the sport in the country.

3. The federation fulfils its purpose by:

a) undertaking cricket education activities in Finland,

b) facilitating the establishment of new cricket clubs,

c) organising national and international competition activities at all levels of cricket and coordinating participation in international competitions,

d) compiling rules for competitions organised by the federation, rules for competition activities, codes of conduct, and disciplinary rules, supervising adherence to the rules and resolving disputes related to them,

e) releasing and publishing cricketing material,

f) representing its members internationally and communicating with respective foreign organisations,

g) advocacy of cricket domestically and ensuring adherence to obligations and rules binding on the federation.

Membership and annual fees of the federation

4. Only a registered association or other competent organisation, that agrees to be bound by the Constitution and lower-level rules of the federation, may be admitted as an ordinary member of the federation. New members are admitted by the Board of the federation.

A membership application must be submitted to the Board in writing and the Constitution and proof of registration of the organisation attached.

The federation may have natural persons and competent organisations as supporting members that pay an annual membership fee adopted by the annual general meeting of the federation. Natural persons and competent organisations that have paid the membership fee and want to support the activities of the federation can join as life members.

5. A member may secede from the federation by notifying the Board or the chairperson in writing, or by making a minuted submission of the secession in a general meeting. The secession shall enter into force at the end of the calendar year during which it has been notified or submitted. The seceding member is liable to fulfil its financial obligations stemming from this Constitution for the year the secession has been notified or submitted.

6. The Board of the federation may expel a member if the member does not fulfil the obligations laid out in the Constitution and adhere to the decisions made by the federation, or if the member acts against the objectives of the federation or in a manner that is harmful to the federation.

The decision to expel a member is considered to have been notified to the member in five (5) days after it has been mailed to the member by registered mail. The decision to expel a member may be appealed in writing to a general assembly. The letter of appeal must be delivered to the Board within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the decision to expel the member.

The Board of the federation may expel a member or withhold playing rights in competitions organised by the federation is a member has not fulfilled the obligations set in the Constitution by the end of March of the following year. The member must be allowed to be heard in the matter before action is taken.

7. A person who has continuously and for a longer time promoted the attainment of the objectives of the federation, or has otherwise acted in the benefit of the federation, may be inducted as honorary chairperson or honorary member by a decision of the general assembly, or the Board may award them a decoration of the federation.

8. The membership fee is established by a general assembly separately for each membership category for the period of one year at a time.

Governance of the federation

9. The governing bodies of the federation are a general assembly and the Board The term of the Board is two years and it expires in the general assembly that elects a new Board.

General Assembly

10. The Board must deliver invitations to general assemblies by mail or e-mail at least four (4) weeks before the general assembly.

An ordinary member that wishes to include an item on the agenda of the general assembly must make a written proposal to the Board three (3) weeks before the meeting.

If the Board so decides, participation in a general assembly may be arranged by remote connection or other technical aid.

11. In a general assembly, each ordinary member has a single vote that is used by a representative authorised by the member.

A member that has not fulfilled its membership obligations by the end of the January of the following year does not possess a vote in a general assembly.

Supporting, life, and honorary members do not possess a vote in a general assembly.

The chairperson of the federation, the members of the Board of the federation, and officials appointed by the Board of the federation have the right to be present and command the floor in a general assembly.

12. The decision adopted by the general assembly shall be the proposal that has been supported by more than half of the votes cast. In case of a tie, the proposal that the chairperson of the federation announces their support for shall prevail, except for elections where lots shall be drawn.

Closed ballots shall always be used in elections. Closed ballots shall be used in other votes if ten (10) votes present so demand.

If there is more than a single candidate, the person prevailing in the election for the chairperson of the federation shall be the candidate who acquires more than half of the votes cast. If no candidate acquires more than half of the vote, a second round of voting shall ensure between the two candidates who have acquires the greatest number of votes.

If there are more candidates than there are seats, an election for the other members of the Board shall ensue using personal majority voting. A representative may write at most as many names on the ballot as there are seats available. All names written on a ballot have the same weight. Candidates who have acquired the greatest number of votes shall be elected.

Empty votes are not counted as cast votes.

13. The ordinary general assembly is held annually in March or April

Extraordinary general assemblies are held when the Board so decides or 1/10 of the members with a vote so demand in writing from the Board for addressing one or more matters set out by the members. In the latter case, the invitation to the general assembly must be sent within three (3) weeks of the delivery of the demand to the Board.

A general assembly is quorate when it has been convened according to the requirements in this Constitution and at least one (1) vote is present.

14. In an ordinary general assembly

  1. the assembly is called to order
  2. a chairperson is elected for the assembly
  3. a secretary, two minutes adjusters, and two vote talliers are elected for the meeting,
  4. the legality and quorum of the assembly is established
  5. an annual report from the previous activity period is adopted
  6. the financial statement from the previous financial year is affirmed, the statement from the auditors or operations inspectors is acknowledged, and the Board and other liable officials are discharged of responsibility
  7. possible compensation for the members of the Board is adopted
  8. compensation for the auditors and operations inspectors is adopted
  9. on election years, the chairperson of the federation is elected
  10. on election years, the other members of the Board are elected
  11. two operations inspectors and two alternates are elected, or one auditor and, if necessary, one alternate, and one operations inspector and alternate are elected
  12. an activity plan and budget are adopted for the ongoing activity period, and, if necessary, medium-term and long-term plans for the federation are adopted
  13. membership fees are established
  14. other agenda items are addressed

  15. if the assembly so decides, items outside the agenda are addressed if they do not pertain to section 23 of the Constitution

The Board

15. The Board of the federation comprises the chairperson and at least two (2) but no more than five (5) other members elected by a general assembly. The Board elects a vice chairperson from its members and may assign specific areas of responsibility to its members.

16. The Board is convened by an invitation from the chairperson or the secretary of the Board. The invitation must be delivered to all members of the Board at least one week in advance. The meeting is quorate is the chairperson or the vice-chairperson is present and at least half of the whole Board are present.

The decision of the Board shall be the opinion supported by over half of the votes cast. Empty votes are not counted as votes cast. In a meeting of the Board each member shall have one (1) vote. In the event of a tie, the opinion of the chairperson shall prevail, except for elections where lots shall be drawn.

17. The Board shall act as the executive of the federation and it disposes of its duties according to laws, this Constitution, and the decisions of general assemblies. In particular, the duties of the Board comprise:

  1. convening a general assembly and preparing the matters to be presented to the general assembly
  2. supervising the routines of the federation
  3. admitting and expelling members and keeping a member registry
  4. electing representative of the federation to meetings and other events where the federation has the right to be represented
  5. governing the assets of the federation and, if necessary, decide on the selling, exchanging and mortgaging of property, and preparing the financial statements and annual reports
  6. governing the transactions and publishing activities of the federation
  7. supervising the competitions activities of the federation and the preparation of lower-level rules
  8. approving national participation in international competitions
  9. supervising that competition activities adhere to competition rules and decrees that are binding on the federation
  10. establishing operative bodies necessary for the activities of the federation, for example for the organisation of competition activities, disciplinary matters, ground management, and the federation’s relationships with other sporting organisations and communities, for the establishment and delegated authority of which it shall notify the members
  11. actively following the development of cricket domestically and internationally

18. Penalties for breaches of the competition rules and disciplinary rules of the federation shall be established in lower-level rules applicable at that time. Decision made pursuant to this section may be appealed to the Finnish Sports Arbitration Board as specifically allowed by the lower-level rules.

In suspected anti-doping violations, disciplinary powers shall be wielded from 1.1.2021 on by the disciplinary entity specified in the Finnish Anti-Doping Code.

19. The authority to enter into contracts for the federation shall be held by the chairperson or the vice-chairperson together or either one with one other member of the Board. The Board may authorise the above or another person to enter into contracts for the federation either alone with another authorisee.

Accounts, auditing, and operations inspections

20. The activity period and financial year of the federation is the calendar year.

Financial statements are posted for inspection with an annual report, minutes from general assemblies and Board meetings, and other necessary documents, to the auditors and/or operations inspectors at least one month in advance of the ordinary general assembly. The statement(s) from auditors and/or operations inspectors are delivered to the Board at least fourteen days in advance of the ordinary general assembly.

Amending the Constitution, dissolution of the federation, disbandment of the federation

21. A decision to amend the Constitution shall enter into force is the amendment has been supported by at least three quarters of the votes cast.

22. The dissolution of the federation requires decisions supported by at least three quarters of the votes cast in two consecutive general assemblies convened at least one month apart.

23. If a decision to dissolve the federation has been adopted, the remaining funds shall be distributed in a manner adopted by the latter of the general assemblies where the decisions to dissolve the federation have been adopted. The distribution of funds shall promote the development of cricket in Finland in the best possible way.

24. If the federation is disbanded, the remaining funds must be used in the best possible way to promoted the development of cricket in Finland.

Final v1

FCA Anti-Corruption Code

Find out more about how Cricket Finland tackles corruption

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FCA Anti-Competition Manipulation Programme

Find out more about how Cricket Finland tackles competition manipulation

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FCA Anti-Doping Programme

Cricket Finland works actively to ensure that cricket in Finland is a drug-free sport. The details of our Anti-Doping programme can be found here.

Download file

FCA Anti-Doping Rules

Here you can find Cricket Finland’s Anti-Doping Rules.

Download file

FCA Equality & Non-Discrimination Plan

Cricket is a sport played and followed globally, and ensuring inclusion and diversity are important goals for Cricket Finland.

Download file

FCA Code of Conduct and Spirit of Cricket

The Spirit of Cricket is a key doctrine at the centre of all cricket activities. Cricket Finland’s Code of Conduct defines the behaviour expected of all participants.

Download file

FCA Guidelines on Dealing with Cases of Harassment or Discrimination

Finnish Version (English version coming soon!)

Download file

FCA Environmental Programme and Plan

Finnish Version (English version coming soon!)

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FCA Travel Policy 2023

Here you can find travel policy guidelines & information for the current year.

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The Finnish Cricket Association (FCA) is the governing body for all cricket played in Finland. To safeguard the image and reputation of the sport, the FCA has imposed a sanctioning regime for matches and competitions played in Finland.

Playing in leagues organised by the FCA requires commitment from the players. The quality of gameplay suffers considerably if the best players are not available to play during the short outdoor season. To safeguard the quality of competitions organised by the FCA, the Board has imposed a requirement for all licensed players to acquire a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) if they want to play in matches or competitions that are not organised or sanctioned by the FCA. The NOC requirement applies to matches played in Finland as well as abroad.

The FCA Board has authorised the Technical Director to make decisions on sanctioning events and granting NOCs to clubs and players.

For further information, please contact .

Sanctioning matches and competitions organised in Finland

All matches and competitions that are not organised by the Finnish Cricket Association must be sanctioned by the FCA if the participants include FCA member clubs or players who possess a valid player license.

To sanction an event, the FCA generally requires the organiser to fulfil the following basic conditions:

  • The event is covered by a third party liability insurance
  • The organiser has taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the players and spectators
  • The organiser provides appropriate first aid during the event
  • All players acquire a license from the Finnish Cricket Association
  • The organiser delivers or makes available to the FCA immediately after the match or competition team lists, scorecards, and final standings from the match or competition

Please submit your application through this form.

Organisers are requested to submit their sanctioning applications at least six weeks before the planned event.

Exception: Friendly domestic matches involving at least one FCA member club

If the match does not form a part of a larger competition, and both clubs are Finnish, the FCA Board has decided that the match is automatically sanctioned as approved cricket, provided that the following requirements are met:

  1. The match is between two Finnish clubs, at least one of which is a FCA member club
  2. The match does not coincide with a league match for any participating member club
  3. One participating member club notifies the FCA of the match in advance (using the form link above)

No-Objection Certificates for club participation in matches and competitions not organised or sanctioned by the FCA

All member clubs of the FCA must acquire a No-Objection Certificate if ​they wish to field a team in a match or competition

  1. not organised by the FCA, and
  2. not sanctioned by the FCA.

This requirement applies to matches and competitions played in Finland as well as abroad.

Please submit your application through this form

No-Objection Certificates for players to participate in matches and competitions not organised or sanctioned by the FCA

A licensed player must acquire a No-Objection Certificate if they want to participate in a match or competition

  1. not organised by the FCA,
  2. not sanctioned by the FCA, and
  3. to which their club has not received a common No-Objection Certificate.

Please submit your application through this form

Sanctioning decisions

Below you can find completed and pending sanctioning decisions made by the Board of the Finnish Cricket Association and bodies to which the Board has delegated its sanctioning powers.

Approved events are classified as approved cricket. Further conditions may have been imposed for the sanctioning of the event. When an event has been approved, licensed players may participate in the event without No-Objection Certificates, and FCA member clubs are allowed to post teams to participate in the event.

Unsanctioned events have not been classified as approved cricket. No-Objection Certificates must be acquired by licensed players and FCA member clubs to participate in the event. Participation without a NOC is penalised according to relevant FCA rules.

Disapproved events have not been classified as approved cricket. No-Objection Certificates will not be granted to licensed players and FCA member clubs for participating in the event. Participation is penalised according to relevant FCA rules.

Events for which the application is still In Process are being considered by the relevant body and events for which the application has been Retracted did not receive a decision before the organiser decided to abort the process.

For more information on sanctioning decisions, please contact

Decision Event Dates Location Organiser Authority Notes
In Process Helsinki Cricket Cup 16.-17.7.2021 Vantaa Arctic Wolves Cricket Club TD
Approved Viapori Cup 5.9.2020 Helsinki Merisotakoulun Kriketti Klubi TD Hobby event
Approved Fin-Fun T20 27.8.-9.9.2020 Helsinki VCC, HCC, FPC TD
Approved SevenZer 29.8.2020 Helsinki Nepal CC TD
Approved Soft Ball Cricket League 14-15.8.2020 Espoo Shaurya CC TD
Retracted Independence Cup 14-15.8.2020 Kauniainen FinCricket Club TD Cancelled
Approved Finn-Bangla 1-2.8.2020 Pietarsaari Sukanta Saha etc TD Rescinded and reissued
Approved Helsinki Cricket Cup 24-25.7.2020 Vantaa Club’71 Kriketti Seura TD
Approved Turku Indoor Tournament 18.4.2020 Turku Turku United Cricket Club FCA Board Cancelled

Disciplinary 2021

Disciplinary guidelines for 2021 will be published soon. Last year’s files are still valid, and will remain so until further notice.

Guidelines document here.