Message from Chairman

Cricket Finland's Evolution: A Transition in Leadership and Strategic Focus

The recent board elections at Cricket Finland mark a significant juncture in the organization’s governance. Ponniah Vijendran assumes the role of Chairman, leading a diverse team tasked with steering Finnish cricket toward a future characterized by growth and strategic development. 

Acknowledgments are extended to outgoing board members, notably Andrew Armitage, whose extensive tenure as chair has significantly influenced the development of cricket in Finland. Andrew will maintain an integral role as the Executive Director, ensuring continuity in organizational leadership.  

The composition of the new board reflects a diversity of backgrounds, including the introduction of a female board member for the first time in seven years on the board, members from the men’s National Team squad, the Bears, and individuals spanning different age groups, nationalities, and communities. This diversity is seen as a strength, bringing varied perspectives to the organization. 

The board’s mission is clear: prioritize grassroots development, foster growth, and integrate cricket more seamlessly into Finland’s broader sports ecosystem. The board expresses a commitment to a club-led approach, recognizing the pivotal role of member clubs in sustaining and advancing cricket in the region. 

In the coming weeks, the board will engage in the familiarization process and strategic planning. Importantly, the board seeks input from the cricketing community, inviting concerns and suggestions to inform the future direction of Finnish cricket. 

This marks an important moment for Finnish cricket, and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this transitional phase. For any inquiries or contributions, the board remains open to engagement. As the organization embarks on this evolution, community support is considered essential. 

The full list of new board members: 

Ponniah Vijendran Chairman of CF Board (SKK Chairman) 

Ashraful Islam Vice Chairman of the Board (Arctic Wolves Club manager) 


1-year term board members: 

Ashraful Alam (Club71) 

Laura Wallenius (PCS) 

Avashesh Kumar (Shaurya and Finnish Bears Squad member) 


2-year term board term members: 

Jordan O’Brien (Empire CC and Finnish Bears Squad member) 

Bharath Kumar Vijayaraghavan (FinCC Chairman) 

Robert Moulder (Turku CC Chairman) 


3-year term board term members: 

Mehran Amin (BTCC Club Development Director) 

Rakesh Satharasi (Shaurya Chairman) 

Faisal Shahzad (Helsinki Gymkhana Board member)