ICC LEVEL 1 Coaching Course

Registration is now open!

Cricket Finland warmly welcomes all budding cricket coaches, who have completed or are aiming to complete the EdApp online ICC Foundation Course and Level 1 to one of the two formal coaching tutor assessment camp. This message is a HEADS-UP, so you can prepare and make plans accordingly the course registration will open on 5th January 2024.  

The first one, an ‘open’ course is to be hosted on the weekend of 27th and 28th of January 2024 in the magnificent environment of the Eerikkilä Sports Academy. The second course, an ALL-FEMALE course, will also be hosted at Eerikkilä, and this time in cooperation with Estonian Cricket Association ECA. This latter course will take place on 2nd-3rd March 2024. 

Your official ICC Coaching Course Level 1 course assessment will be run by Cricket Finland’s own qualified Coach Tutors Richard Savage and Maija Scamans, who will be joined by another tutor from the Nordic region. They will collectively take you through the whole course assessment curriculum and support you to achieve the formal ICC Level 1 course accreditation and official qualification by the close of the course on Sunday. 

While this is the first stage of the new ICC global coaching pathway, it is also highly recommended that any coaches, who have a previous coaching certificate, but have not (had an opportunity to) participated in any further coach training since their course, to come along and refresh their skills! This will give them further tools to potentially move to the ICC Level 2 coaching in due course. 

Cricket Finland is strongly subsidising the cost of hosting this coach education course, so that we can maximise course participation and the successful qualified coaches at the end of the weekend. The course at Eerikkilä will include your onsite overnight accommodation and three meals, dinner on Saturday along with breakfast and lunch on Sunday, all use of the facilities and the tutoring that you will receive. The subsidised course participation cost for all this will be limited to only 60€ per person. The registration deadline is 13:00 on Monday January 15th. Only 12 spots are available.   

NOTE: If you haven’t yet started the ICC online EdApp coaching courses, the registration page for EdApp is here at the end of the message. All you need to do is register via the link and add the app to your phone. It’s very easy to use and you get an excellent insight into the basics of cricket, as well as into coaching – it is an ICC requirement that you will need to complete both the ICC Foundation Course and Level 1 online via EdApp, before attending the Eerikkilä weekend! Registration link for EdApp.

If you have any questions, then please contact course organiser Maija Scamans directly via email  

Registration & payment for the course will take place via Suomisport.