Cricket Finland Online Umpiring Education

Published December 26th, 2018

Cricket Finland is providing a unique opportunity for all cricket enthusiasts to participate in umpiring education. The course is meant for anyone interested in umpiring, whether or not they have attended a short course before, and will provide an encompassing education in the Laws, our Playing Conditions, and softer aspects of officiating matches. All are invited to participate in this exciting journey.

The course will be conducted online on a weekly basis for 2 hours each time, from January 5th to late April. The sessions will be recorded and can be viewed later by absentees. The course ends with an exam planned during the last week of April, successful completion of which provides a pathway for entry into the Cricket Finland Umpiring Panel structure. A minimum of 60% online course attendance will be required for exam participation. 

The syllabus will include all the MCC Laws, practical match management issues, and Cricket Finland Playing Conditions, alongside some interesting examples and videos from Cricket Finland league games for illustration.

Sriharsha Kuchimanchi will be the course leader, with assistance from Jari Schabel and Aadhavan.

Successful participants will be considered for allocation together with the Panel Umpires to officiate the Premier League games and other important games/tournaments within the Cricket Finland league system. Additionally, they will be included into the weekly panel umpire webinars for facilitating their development. Umpires who are frequently officiating league matches will be able to apply for reimbursement of their allowances on a monthly basis from 2019 onwards. ​The course fee is only 20 Euros.