Cricket Finland Umpiring Refresher Courses 2024

Elevate Your Umpiring Skills with Cricket Finland’s 2024 Refresher Courses
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Two Finnish umpires are selected to the umpiring team of World Cup Sub-Regional Qualifiers that are played in Finland in July 

Cricket Finland long-term commitment to quality cricket will be crowned in the World Cup Sub-Regional Qualifiers in July at many levels. In addition to the hosting of the Qualifiers A and B and having Finnish men’s team selected to play in the qualifier A, two Finnish umpires, Sriharsha Kuchimanchi and Srinidhi Ravindra, are part of the World Cup...
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Club Umpire Online Courses

Published May 10th, 2020 We are currently anticipating that the summer season will start on June 1st, however we will confirm this in the coming days after receiving final information from the Finnish government and Olympic Committee on what COVID-19 restrictions will exist for sports competitions. In the meantime I can tell you that we...
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ECB ICC Stage 3 Umpiring Course in Helsinki

Published September 27th, 2019 15 enthusiastic, pro-active umpires came together today at Sporttitalo, the Finnish National Olympic Committee building in Helsinki, to start two days of advanced ECB/ICC Stage 3 umpiring training and on-field match management. This represents another massive step in developing a strong pool of quality umpires to manage the future expanding cricket...
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Head Umpire appointment for the Season 2019

Published July 4th, 2019 Cricket Finland are immensely pleased to announce the full-time appointment of Sriharsha Kuchimanchi as head umpire until end-September 2019. Sriharsha will also be an active working member of our strategic softball cricket integration group, assisting Board member Yaseen Khan in delivering on our potential and helping local clubs to grow.  Sriharsha has been...
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Cricket Finland Online Umpiring Education

Published December 26th, 2018 Cricket Finland is providing a unique opportunity for all cricket enthusiasts to participate in umpiring education. The course is meant for anyone interested in umpiring, whether or not they have attended a short course before, and will provide an encompassing education in the Laws, our Playing Conditions, and softer aspects of officiating matches. All are invited to participate in this exciting journey. The course will be conducted online on a...
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