Dispute Resolution Committee: Helsinki Titans to stay in FPL

Decision of the Dispute Resolution Committee in case DRC-2023-1

Public Summary

Helsinki Titans, playing for Helsinki Cricket Club in the Finnish Premier League, fielded ineligible players in Finnish Premier League matches on 2.6., 6.6., and 9.6.2023. When this was discovered, the League Director applied sections 2.1.5 and 7.1.1 of the League Rules in his decision on 11.6., deeming all three matches forfeited by the Titans with all of the team’s batting overs played with no runs scored (2.1.5), rescinded the club’s Finnish Premier League license, imposed a 300 euro non-compliance fee on the club, and deemed all their fixtures forfeited with liability for costs of the opposing sides (7.1.1).

A club’s responsibilities to ensure that fielded players have a valid license and that the player’s Registration Right is attached to the club are absolute. The clubs have access to licensing information of their players.

Helsinki Cricket Club appealed the rescission of their Finnish Premier League License on 12.6.

The Dispute Resolution Committee Chairman made an interim decision on 13.6. to suspend the effects of the rescission of the license pending resolution of the case.

The Dispute Resolution Committee decided on 1.7. to reverse the rescission of the license as a disproportionate penalty based on decisions 2/2012 and 4/2010 of the Finnish Sports Arbitration Board. The cancelled fixture on 12.6. was deemed forfeited by the Titans. Imposition of the non-compliance fee and other penalties were affirmed as uncontested by the club in its appeal.

The matter was decided by chairman Tuomas Tiihonen, ad-hoc member Sriharsha Kuchimanchi, and ad-hoc member Kari Turunen. The decision is unanimous and can be further appealed to the Finnish Sports Arbitration Board.

The decision of the Dispute Resolution Committee is public and can be obtained in full from