Women’s Cricket Games

Women's Cricket Game Days

Summer 2022

 Cricket Finland is hosting a series of days this summer dedicated for women’s cricket games! 

These games are a pathway for women’s cricket players to develop their skills and game experience in preparation for the larger softball tournaments to be hosted towards the end of the summer. These include SM-Viikko on the 2nd of July and the Women’s Metropolitan Trophy tournament hosted by Cricket Finland on the 28th of August. Players of all backgrounds and levels of cricket knowledge are welcome to join at any stage. 

Follow the link below for more information on the upcoming Metropolitan Trophy tournament and to register now!

Our goal is to have 50 active female players who will each play four to five games by the end of 2022. We believe hosting these games is the first of many steps to be taken during the upcoming outdoor season to help increase our numbers and opportunity for women’s cricket here in Finland. We thoroughly encourage all clubs and interested individuals to participate in the women’s game days this summer!