The Bears selections for T20 International weekend in Denmark

Published June 8th, 2019

The Finnish Bears Management group have made the following 16 selections for the official ICC T20 Internationals weekend in Copenhagen July 12th to 14th:

1. Nathan Collins – skipper (Club SKK)

2. Vanraaj Singh Padhaal – vice cap. (Empire)

3. Jonathan Scamans (Empire)

4. Muhammad Ziaur Rehman (GHCC)

5. Shoaib Tahir Qureshi (SSCC)

6. Adnan Syed (HCC)

7. Sanju Shrestha (NWSC)

8. Abdul Ghafar (Empire)

9. Amjad Sher (Empire)

10. Tonmoy Saha (BTCC)

11. Aniketh Pusthay (HCC)

12. Hariharan Dandapani (TUCC)

13. Maneesh Chauhan (HCC)

14. Aravind Kumar Mohan (TUCC)

15. Peter Gallagher (SKK)

16. Nurul Huda (BTCC)

Congratulations to the players selected, for what may well be a weekend of T20 matches against the AM European Champions following the World T20 regional finals later this month.

This is the first of two T20I weekends for the Finnish Bears this year, with Spain visiting Finland mid-August for a smash T20I long weekend at the Kerava National Cricket Ground! Welcome along!