Manoj Thavayogarajah appointed as interim League Administrator  

Cricket Finland Board has appointed Manoj Thavayogarajah as the League Administrator for an interim period until end of February 2023

“Manoj’s extensive experience as a national match official and successful stints as Venue Manager in the FIN-EST series and in the World Cup Qualifiers earlier this year make him exceptionally well-suited for the inaugural paid position in the League Organisation”, says the Cricket Finland’s Technical Director Tuomas Tiihonen, who will be working with Manoj on delivering the league planning. 

The League Administrator’s duties include ensuring a smooth and speedy preparation for the 2023 summer season, and more urgently the preparation of Indoor League scheduled to be played from January to March. Manoj will also have a key role in launching the inaugural women’s competition and revamping the way Cricket Finland provides day-to-day support to its league-playing clubs.  

You can reach Manoj by email at .

“I am happily accepting this appointment and looking forward to co-operate with the teams”, says newly appointed Manoj Thavayogarajah.