League admin team strengthened for 2023 season

Following a thorough recruitment process, we are incredibly pleased to announce that Dhruvansingh (Dhruv) Parmar has been appointed League Director (LD) and member of the FCA Management Group. 
As a part of the wider recruitment process, which saw numerous capable candidates being interviewed for the role, it was concluded to extend the fixed-term employment of Manoj Thavayogarajah as League Administrator to the end of September.

After the completion of the onboarding process, still ongoing at this point of the season, Dhruv will take over from interim Tuomas Tiihonen. Manoj will then report to Dhruv in the new League organisation, while Tuomas will continue in his role as Technical Director. Also continuing in their important roles are Sumanta Samanta, League Umpire Coordinator and Srinidhi Ravindra, Umpire Performance Officer. 

Email addresses for Dhruv & Manoj here:

We also take this opportunity to remind all players and club administrators, that from February 2023 Cricket Finland has reinforced our league support function by introducing a ticketing system to be used in all league-related support matters.

All support requests in league matters should be submitted either:
1.    by email to , or
2.    on the web at https://cricketfinland.freshdesk.com
Support requests submitted via either channel will end up in the same system. 

The requests will be handled primarily by the League Administrator, who can easily escalate the matter further when necessary. 

The major objective of this service is to increase the visibility of all support requests to the people best placed to handle them and to avoid delays that result from forwarding requests made to the wrong person. To summarise, response times should decrease, and the accuracy of advice should increase.

For more information on this item, please contact the CF office via email.

Dhruvansingh Parmar – League Director (LD)

Manoj Thavayogarajah – League Administrator (LA)