Men National Team, Bears

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility requirements (for squad consideration)

– Minimum of 2 years continuous (minimum 10 months each year) residency in Finland or Finnish citizenship by birth or by passport. N.B. ICC eligibility minimum 3 years residence.

– If you are not a Finnish citizen, then be a registered and active player with a Cricket Finland member cricket club in Finland

– Achieve minimum 1500 metres in the YOYO IETL1 bleep test

– Able to afford a minimum of 25€ per month training fees plus approximately 120€, 2-4 times a year, for compulsory training camp weekends

– Able to attend a minimum 80% of the Bears squad training sessions and matches, plus all the Official Training Weekends


Team Trials

– The coaching team will arrange a date for team trials, at least once a year. This date will be notified to all clubs and be available to view on the FCA website, at least 6 weeks prior to the trial date. Additionally individual player invites may be sent at any time.

– General fitness, agility, stamina and cricketing skills will be assessed

– NT Head Coach/Manager will confirm acceptance into the National Team

– All new members will be required to sign a player agreement regarding commitment to the Finnish Bears values, maintenance and improvement of skills and fitness and professional conduct

– Bears 2021 player agreement HERE

If you think you have all it takes, then do get in touch – all contact details on our CF contacts page

With selection comes privileges

  • Pride and privilege of representing Finland
  • Subsidized training facilities and free coaching
  • Kerava National Cricket Ground access within an organized framework 
  • Subsidized strength and conditioning training
  • Subsidized professional ICC coaching
  • Subsidized training kit to be used during team training and events only
  • Access to sponsorship funding for team activity costs
  • Potential scholarships for some members who show extra-ordinary commitment and skills development.

With selection comes responsibilities

  • Signed understanding and commitment to responsibilities and privileges outlined in this document.
  • Maintain regular training attendance. Fitness test/training sessions are mandatory for all members of the squad. 
  • Maintain basic fitness level (1500 metres YOYO test, 3 minutes plank test) and actively work on injury prevention or rehabilitation 
  • Commit to a role as assigned by the team leadership group 
  • Commit to sponsorship and fundraising criteria activities including school visits, public relation events and junior coaching or mentoring.
  • Respect towards team-mates and the leadership group.
  • Treat official team kit and equipment with respect.

Captain and Vice Captain

Skipper since the 2017 season, Nathan Collins and his vice captain Vanraaj Padhaal are looking forward to a bumper year in 2021. The season will be action-packed with a domestic elite T20 national tournament, T20I’s and ICC regional T20 World Cup pathway tournament.

Current Extended National Squad, as at October 2021


  • Nathan COLLINS (capt.)*
  • Vanraaj PADHAAL (vc)
  • Hariharan DANDAPANI
  • Peter GALLAGHER​
  • Md Nurul HUDA
  • Aravind Kumar MOHAN
  • Rubal PATHAK
  • Jordan O’BRIEN
  • Aniketh PUSTHAY
  • Areeb Abdul QUADIR (dev.)
  • Shoaib Tahir QURESHI
  • Muhammad Zia Ur REHMAN
  • Jonathan SCAMANS
  • Henry SEWELL
  • Naveed SHAHID
  • Amjad SHER
  • Mahesh TAMBE