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FCA Constitution 2020

The Constitution of the Finnish Cricket Association was approved at the June 2020 AGM. Click the link below for a pdf file of the document in Finnish – English translation to follow shortly.

The Constitution of the Finnish Cricket Association was approved at the June 2020 AGM. Click the link below for a pdf file of the document in Finnish – English translation to follow shortly.

Krikettiliiton Säännöt 2020


Association’s name, domicile and aim:

1 §    The name of the Association shall be the Finnish Cricket Association ry and it shall be based in the city of Helsinki

2 §    The aim of the Association shall be to introduce, advance and monitor the development of the game in Finland to as wide a section as possible of the Finnish and foreign communities alike, whilst acting as an organising body for its member clubs, both present and future

3 §    This aim shall be achieved by the following measures:
a)    general cricket enlightenment and training in Finland,
b)    assisting with the formation of new clubs,
c)    organising national cricket competitions at all levels and co-ordinating international participation in competitions/festivals,
d)    preparing and upholding in all FCA-organised competitions the rules of cricket and maintenance of a clear code of conduct, as well as being the body for settlement of any disputes,
e)    publishing and funding of cricket material/media,
f)    representing its members abroad and contacting foreign cricketing bodies,
g)    supervise the general good of cricket in Finland and that the rules and regulations of cricket according to MCC are maintained at all times,

To support its activities FCA will organise permitted fund-raising activities and events and actively seek sponsorship.

Membership and annual fees

4 §     Full Membership of the Association shall only be open to registered organisations or other such legally incorporated corporations, who undertake to follow the playing-rules and regulations as laid down by the Association, whilst operating within the limitations of any other association to which such an organisation/corporation may itself belong 
New membership can only be approved by the Association Committee
Membership applications must be filed in written form with the Association Committee, and must include such organisation’s rules and proof of registration. 
The Association may have as supporting members, private persons or registered organisations that pay the annual membership fee as confirmed at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. Such members, either private persons or organisations having paid the membership fee, and who wish to support the Association’s activities, may become lifetime members.  

Supporting-, lifetime- and honorary-members do not have voting rights at Association meetings.

5 §    A member may withdraw from the Association by informing in writing to the Committee or President or as indicated in the minutes of the Association’s meeting. Such withdrawal will come into force at the end of the calendar year in which the withdrawal has been presente
6 §    The Association Committee may withdraw membership from such a member that does not follow the Association rules or does not abide by Association decisions, or that operates in contradiction to the general principles of the Association in a damaging manner. Notice of withdrawal is deemed to have been received by the member following five (5) days from postage by registered mail. Appeal against the decision must be presented in writing to the General Meeting of the Association. The written appeal must be presented to the Committee within thirty (30) days of the member receiving the withdrawal notice. 

The Committee may withdraw membership and deny playing rights from such a member that has not completed its annual obligations according to the general rules of the Association by the end of March in the following year. Before this the member should reserve the possibility of appeal in such a case.

7 §    Persons who have continuously worked over an extended period of time to advance the aims of the Association or otherwise for the general good, may be appointed at the Association General Meeting as Honorary Members, Honorary President or receive a badge of merit. Such badges are granted by the Association Committee. The Honorary President may only be one person at any one time. 
8 §    The annual membership fee will be decided on at the Association Annual General Meeting for the following year for each member group. Honorary President or Member will not be obliged to pay the membership fee. 

Association administration

9 §    The Association’s administrative bodies will be the Annual General Meeting and Committee. The Association’s Committee term will be for two calendar years, starting 2009-2010.

Association General Meeting

10 §    Invitations to the Association General Meeting must be sent by the Committee in writing at least three (3) weeks before the Meeting.
Full members, who wish to present an issue at the Meeting, must send such a proposal to the Committee in writing at least two (2) weeks before the Meeting. 

11 §    In the Association Annual General Meeting all full members, or their duly appointed representative, may use one vote. 
Voting rights will not be granted to such a member that has not fulfilled its annual obligations in accordance with the rules by the end of January of the following year. 

12 §    Decisions of the Association Annual General Meeting are made following proposals that receive more than half of the available votes. Should a vote be equal, the proposal will be verified by the casting vote of the Association President. 

13 §    Annually there will be 1 (one) General Meeting of the Association. The Meeting will be held between March-April. 
Extraordinary General Meetings of the Association may be held following such a decision of an Annual General Meeting, the decision of the Association Committee or should at least 1/10 of the voting members so request from the Association Committee in writing. In such a case, invitations to the Extraordinary General Meeting must be sent within three (3) weeks from the date the Committee receives the request. 
Association Annual General Meeting agenda must be sent to the members at least one (1) week in advance of the Meeting. 
The Association Annual General Meeting represents a quorum when the Meeting has been called in accordance with the Association constitution rules. 

14 §    At the Annual General Meeting:
a)    Opening of the Meeting,
b)    Appoint the Chairman of the Meeting,
c)    Appoint a Secretary for the Meeting, two (2) persons to approve the minutes, and two (2) persons to count votes,
d)    Declare the Meeting has been correctly called and represents a quorum,
e)    Present the annual report of the Association from the previous term,
f)    Present the Association accounts from the previous term along with the auditor’s note of approval, and decide on the discharge of liability for the Association Committee,
g)    Decide on the basis of possible reimbursement of costs for the Association Committee,
h)    Decide on any costs to be paid to the auditors,
i)    On election years appoint the Association President,
j)    On election years choose other members of the Association Committee,
​k)    Choose two (2) auditors and two (2) deputy auditors,
l)    Decide on the annual activity plan and confirm the annual budget based on the presentation from the Association Committee, and decide on the Association’s medium- and long-term development plan based on the presentation of the Committee, 
m)    Decide on the size of the membership fee,
n)    Treat other items on the Agenda.
o)    Should the Meeting decide, items outside of the presented Agenda may be considered, excluding however issues as stated under paragraph 23 of the Constitution. 

Association Committee

15 §    The Association Committee shall consist of a President as agreed on at the Annual General Meeting, as well as at least two (2) but no more than five (5) other members. The committee will choose a vice-president and may assign specific responsibilities to committee members.
Should a Committee member resign or be prevented either temporarily or permanently from completing his/her duties, a replacement member will be chosen at the next Association Committee Meeting. 

16 §    The Association Committee will meet at the request of the President or Secretary. Invitation to a meeting must be sent to all members at least one (1) week in advance of such a meeting. The meeting will be competent to make decisions should the President and/or vice-president be present. Quorum also needs at least half of the full committee membership to be present. 

The Association Committee proposals will be confirmed after receiving over half of the votes cast. In Association Committee meetings each Committee member shall have one (1) vote. Should the votes cast be counted even, then the casting vote shall be that of the Association President.

17 §    The Association Committee acts as the executive body of the Association in all matters legal, and acts in accordance with its rules and Annual General Meeting decisions. In particular the Committee’s duties include:

a)    Call the Annual General Meeting of the Association and prepare issues to be presented therein,
b)    Supervise the routine business of the Association,
c)    Approve and dismiss Association members and maintain a membership register,
d)    Authorise Association representatives at international meetings and other events,
e)    Manage the assets of the Association and as necessary decide on the sale, exchange or pledge of such assets, prepare the accounts and annual reports,
f)    Manage Association expenses and publishing activities,
g)    Supervise the organisation of the annual Finnish Cricket League and the preparation of the competition rules,
h)    Organise and approve participation in international cricket tournaments and other international events,
i)    Ensure that playing rules are adhered to in accordance with MCC stipulations,
j)    Appoint necessary executive bodies to organise Association activities as necessary. Such activities can include, but are not limited to, organising national leagues, disciplinary questions, maintenance of the Kerava national cricket ground and relations to other sports organizations and communities. Members shall be informed of the creation of such bodies and of delegated authority.
k)    Actively follow the development of cricket both in Finland and abroad, whilst supervising that all cricketing activities are carried out in accordance with MCC and ICC rules and regulations.

18 §    Penalties and disciplinary actions necessary following the violation of competition rules, will be taken in accordance with the regulations valid at the time. Appeal against any such decision can be made with the sports legal protection committee, in such cases where this is separately provided for.
19 §    Authorised signatories for the Association shall be the President and vice-president together, or either along with another Committee member.

Accounts and audit

20 §    Association accounts will be prepared per calendar year and will be presented to the auditors along with the annual report, meeting minutes and any other necessary documents no later than twenty-one (21) days before the Annual General Meeting. The Association Treasurer and/or the auditors will present the audited accounts and report to the Association Committee no later than fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting. 

General regulations

21 §    Changes to any rules in the Constitution will come into force only if at least three quarters (3/4) of the voting rights at the Annual General Meeting have been cast in favour of such action.

22 §    Dissolution of the Association can only be made following two consecutive General Meetings of the Association, held at least one month after the other, and at which meetings both votes cast in favour of such action achieve at least three-quarters (3/4) of the total votes cast. 

23 §    If it is decided to dissolve the Association, the remaining assets will be distributed in accordance with the final General Meeting of the Association decision in a manner to most assist with the development of cricket in Finland.

Approved AGM 12.04.2014

FCA Anti-Corruption Code

Find out more about how Cricket Finland tackles corruption

Download file

FCA Anti-Doping Programme

Cricket Finland works actively to ensure that cricket in Finland is a drug-free sport. The details of our Anti-Doping programme can be found here.

Download file

FCA Anti-Doping Rules

Here you can find Cricket Finland’s Anti-Doping Rules.

Download file

FCA Equality & Non-Discrimination Plan

Cricket is a sport played and followed globally, and ensuring inclusion and diversity are important goals for Cricket Finland.

Download file

FCA Code of Conduct and Spirit of Cricket

The Spirit of Cricket is a key doctrine at the centre of all cricket activities. Cricket Finland’s Code of Conduct defines the behaviour expected of all participants.

Download file


The Finnish Cricket Association (FCA) is the governing body for all cricket played in Finland. To safeguard the image and reputation of the sport, the FCA has imposed a sanctioning regime for matches and competitions played in Finland.

Playing in leagues organised by the FCA requires commitment from the players. The quality of gameplay suffers considerably if the best players are not available to play during the short outdoor season. To safeguard the quality of competitions organised by the FCA, the Board has imposed a requirement for all licensed players to acquire a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) if they want to play in matches or competitions that are not organised or sanctioned by the FCA. The NOC requirement applies to matches played in Finland as well as abroad.

The FCA Board has authorised the Technical Director to make decisions on sanctioning events and granting NOCs to clubs and players.

For further information, please contact .

Sanctioning matches and competitions organised in Finland

All matches and competitions that are not organised by the Finnish Cricket Association must be sanctioned by the FCA if the participants include FCA member clubs or players who possess a valid player license.

To sanction an event, the FCA generally requires the organiser to fulfil the following basic conditions:

  • The event is covered by a third party liability insurance
  • The organiser has taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the players and spectators
  • The organiser provides appropriate first aid during the event
  • All players acquire a license from the Finnish Cricket Association
  • The organiser delivers or makes available to the FCA immediately after the match or competition team lists, scorecards, and final standings from the match or competition

Please submit your application through this form.

Organisers are requested to submit their sanctioning applications at least six weeks before the planned event.

Exception: Friendly domestic matches involving at least one FCA member club

If the match does not form a part of a larger competition, and both clubs are Finnish, the FCA Board has decided that the match is automatically sanctioned as approved cricket, provided that the following requirements are met:

  1. The match is between two Finnish clubs, at least one of which is a FCA member club
  2. The match does not coincide with a league match for any participating member club
  3. One participating member club notifies the FCA of the match in advance (using the form link above)

No-Objection Certificates for club participation in matches and competitions not organised or sanctioned by the FCA

All member clubs of the FCA must acquire a No-Objection Certificate if ​they wish to field a team in a match or competition

  1. not organised by the FCA, and
  2. not sanctioned by the FCA.

This requirement applies to matches and competitions played in Finland as well as abroad.

Please submit your application through this form

No-Objection Certificates for players to participate in matches and competitions not organised or sanctioned by the FCA

A licensed player must acquire a No-Objection Certificate if they want to participate in a match or competition

  1. not organised by the FCA,
  2. not sanctioned by the FCA, and
  3. to which their club has not received a common No-Objection Certificate.

Please submit your application through this form

Sanctioning decisions

Below you can find completed and pending sanctioning decisions made by the Board of the Finnish Cricket Association and bodies to which the Board has delegated its sanctioning powers.

Approved events are classified as approved cricket. Further conditions may have been imposed for the sanctioning of the event. When an event has been approved, licensed players may participate in the event without No-Objection Certificates, and FCA member clubs are allowed to post teams to participate in the event.

Unsanctioned events have not been classified as approved cricket. No-Objection Certificates must be acquired by licensed players and FCA member clubs to participate in the event. Participation without a NOC is penalised according to relevant FCA rules.

Disapproved events have not been classified as approved cricket. No-Objection Certificates will not be granted to licensed players and FCA member clubs for participating in the event. Participation is penalised according to relevant FCA rules.

Events for which the application is still In Process are being considered by the relevant body and events for which the application has been Retracted did not receive a decision before the organiser decided to abort the process.

For more information on sanctioning decisions, please contact

Decision Event Dates Location Organiser Authority Notes
In Process Helsinki Cricket Cup 16.-17.7.2021 Vantaa Arctic Wolves Cricket Club TD
Approved Viapori Cup 5.9.2020 Helsinki Merisotakoulun Kriketti Klubi TD Hobby event
Approved Fin-Fun T20 27.8.-9.9.2020 Helsinki VCC, HCC, FPC TD
Approved SevenZer 29.8.2020 Helsinki Nepal CC TD
Approved Soft Ball Cricket League 14-15.8.2020 Espoo Shaurya CC TD
Retracted Independence Cup 14-15.8.2020 Kauniainen FinCricket Club TD Cancelled
Approved Finn-Bangla 1-2.8.2020 Pietarsaari Sukanta Saha etc TD Rescinded and reissued
Approved Helsinki Cricket Cup 24-25.7.2020 Vantaa Club’71 Kriketti Seura TD
Approved Turku Indoor Tournament 18.4.2020 Turku Turku United Cricket Club FCA Board Cancelled

Disciplinary 2021

Disciplinary guidelines for 2021 will be published soon. Last year’s files are still valid, and will remain so until further notice.

Guidelines document here.