Kerava National Cricket Ground

Kerava National Cricket Ground (KNCG)

Ground Address: Kettulankuja 8, 04250 Kerava

​Kerava National Cricket Ground is the Home of Cricket in Finland. The pavilion built in the winter and spring of 2013-14 was inaugurated during Finnish Cricket Week in June 2014. The ground has previously hosted three T20I matches between Finland & Spain and Finland & Sweden in 2019 and 2021 respectively. This will also be the main cricket ground for the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers in July 2022!

Ground Specific Instructions

Watering instructions

KNCG Rain covers Club Instructions

Pictures from the opening ceremony

Photo credits: Sara Torvalds

Book the nets for training

Cricket Finland General League Licensed clubs that wish to book the nets for training should do so by using the below booking system. After receiving a Booking, this will be checked and confirmed to the club contact, at which point the booking cannot be cancelled. The ground is not available for random public usage. It’s only for General League Licensed clubs.

Book nets session at KNCG

he booking for the KNCG nets is now open! However, please be mindful that the grass field remains unavailable for use at this time.

Please note: Pitch use is not permitted, only nets and outfield. Nets/outer outfield usage is free of charge for General League Licensees (clubs as listed on the Booking platform), but still need to be reserved for use. No usage is permitted without a reservation.

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