Finland to host Spain in a T20I series; Spain will reciprocate in 2020

Published February 3rd, 2019

Since the beginning of this year, Associate Members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) have been eligible to play official Twenty20 Internationals that award ranking points. The ICC is due to publish the first extended T20I rankings in May 2019.

​Cricket Finland and Cricket España are delighted to announce a reciprocal T20I series to be played in 2019-20. The series will comprise 2 x 2 matches, of which the first two will be played at the Kerava National Cricket Ground (KNCG) in Kerava, Finland on 16-18th August 2019, and the latter pair in Spain in spring 2020.

The teams last met in the Netherlands World T20 Qualifier in September 2018, where Finland emerged victorious. The four-match series will help prepare the sides for the next T20 World Cup Qualifier to be held in 2020. Both associations intend to make the best of the official status of inter-Associate T20I’s by including more bi-laterals in their international match schedules.

The series will also mark the first official international match use of Finland’s main cricket ground, the KNCG. Developed in 2011-14 and located some 30 kilometres from Helsinki city centre, the ground has modern facilities for live streaming matches and organising social activities on match days.

More information on event accreditation and live streaming locations of the series will be made available in due course by the associations.